Waking up: a celebration or a chore?

Is the first thing in the morning really the best time to be asked to calculate the weight of a receptacle used to drink tea from?

How often have you been shaken awake with someone yelling “It’s 6 a m; weigh cup. WEIGH CUP!!”

So you lie there in that state between sweet dreams cuddled up in the strong arms of Morpheus and the semi-consciousness brought on by the dawn tweeting and the steadily lightening sky, wondering why on earth it matters if your cup is 220 grams or 230 grams in weight.

Some of us are better equipped to deal with the morning’s demands than others, and can rise to any occasion without so much as a cup of coffee to jump-start their internal combustion engine.

Flinging off the bedding like a boxer removing his towel, they rise full of vigor and raring to be a knockout champion, and enter the ring of their daily duties with fleet feet and arms ready for action.

Others take a more gentle approach.  They need a while to recharge their batteries and only solar power will do, so the early mornings are not the best time to ask them the weight of their coffee mug or breakfast bowl.   These worthy souls prefer a lengthy warm-up until the sun is high enough to cast a copper glaze on every fold of the sheets.  Then they can finally shake off the mantle of lethargy that Morpheus wrapped them in the night before, and slowly return to a state of alert awareness, aided by a leisurely breakfast and some strong coffee.  They might miss seeing the hadedas poking the lawn for protein-filled breakfast with their outsize beaks, and manage to get rustle up their own breakfast, or indeed brunch, while this is still a viable option.  Not all of us have this choice, however, as employers have designs on our comings and goings.

And now I lay me down to sleep shortly, since our electrical “service” provider has the power to declare night or day at unforeseen hours.  If you choose the tranquility of sleep, the lights left on will create a false sunrise an hour or two later with their glaring energy-saving globes.  Think of it as a form of enforced time sharing, during which certain activities are unavoidably curtailed until further notice.

I can’t say I’m longing for winter to roll round again when we have to wake up in the dark and use a luminous scale to weigh our respective cups.  But wouldn’t it make more sense from a weight loss point of view to weigh what’s inside the cup?

Published by: envirozentinel63

Diagnosed with asperger syndrome. Keen runner and writer who wants to share the ups and downs of all my many experiences and maybe reach out to someone who needs encouragement.

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