Making the simple complicated… next time, look in the bathroom!

Why does an Aspie mind sometimes make things more complicated than necessary?

Yesterday I was on my way out to the shops but had a natural function to attend to first.  Then I headed out the door to the ATM, the greengrocer and the supermarket for fresh produce and groceries.

By the time I got to my second port of call I could not find my cell phone anywhere.  I searched my pockets in vain.

I returned to my flat and searched high and low, as well as under, left and right for the missing object but could not find it.  Not having a backup I could not dial the number.

I headed out the door again and asked the teller at the greengrocer if she had seen a cell phone.  The reply was a negative.  I then found two call boxes in the centre but there was nowhere to insert any coins despite them being described as coin phones.  They only seem to accept prepaid cards.

Back I go to the flat and search again, getting more agitated and decide to buy a new, cheap phone since I can’t locate the first one.  This took a while as I had to go first to the Vodacom shop only to find they had no phones in my price range, then to another shop tp get the phone and register it with ID and proof of address.  Then back to Vodacom to have a SIM swop done to replace the one in the missing phone.  Paid an extra ten bucks for a new starter back because apparently the phone should not have been registered before doing a SIM swop, but afterward.

Back to the flat with the new phone, and not long afterwards I find the old phone sitting innocently on the laundry basket next to the toilet.  Aaarghhh!!

Next step: call Vodacom to cancel the SIM swop as I found my original phone,thank you so much..

I felt rather like an idiot for not checking the bathroom in the first place due to the increasing panic in my mind resulting in martial law in my brain, leaving out the one place I had not looked.  Making the best of the matter after reconnecting a few loose wires in my brain, I decided it will be best to keep both so at least I can phone my main number if my first phone decides to go AWOL again.

I think quite a few of those of us on the spectrum, get an idea in the mind that despite evidence to the contrary, something has gone missing.  I knew I didn’t take the phone out at any point during my visit to the shops, nor at the ATM, and would certainly have heard or felt it had it slipped from my pocket in the street.  I guess I was just having a bit of a crazy day!

Oh well, I now have a better phone than the other one and a backup for those times when my brain lets me down again.  I sometimes wish my brain also had a backup or a UPS!

Published by: envirozentinel63

Diagnosed with asperger syndrome. Keen runner and writer who wants to share the ups and downs of all my many experiences and maybe reach out to someone who needs encouragement.

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