Do you dislike spinach? Do you want to add a country to your travel itinerary which none of your friends have ever heard about?


Consider taking a trip to Molossia.(pronounced Mole-OHSS-eyah). The name has nothing to do with molasses as the citizens prefer cookie dough, the national dish. By leaving the cookie dough uncooked they save a lot of energy. Many of us know how tasty raw dough is and find spoonfuls of it in our mouth while laying the cookies in ordered ranks on baking trays. Thus a cookie recipe claiming to yield 70 cookies might possibly yield 46 or so.

President Kevin Baugh requests the pleasure of meeting you should you do him the honour of visiting his domain, an oasis of greenery in the semi-desert of Nevada.
You won’t find it crowded as it receives about 100 visitors per year. You should give the Molossian Government at least two weeks’ notice when planning a visit, so they can prepare the welcoming committee!

The President

The current population of Molossia is 29: 23 humans and six dogs. The newest citizen, Bradley Harrison was born on 18 December 2015. He’s the grandson of President Baugh and his wife Adrienne, the First Lady. Although born in Carson City, Nevada, they placed a pouch of Molossian soil under the delivery bed so he can technically claim to be born in Molossia. The arrival of another baby boy, the 30th citizen is due to be celebrated in April 2016. Most citizens are family and descendants of President Baugh.

The Molossian flag consists of horizontal stripes of blue, white and green.

The Molossian flag
The coat of arms

The rules of Molossia seem to reflect the personal and culinary preferences of President Baugh: no tobacco or spinach is allowed, neither are torpedoes and catfish. The reason catfish are personae non grata in Molossia is that a certain magazine was going to do an article about Molossia but dropped it in favour of one about folk catching catfish with their bare hands.

There are 25 holidays celebrated by the Molossian people. The 18th February (Jack Day) commemorates Jack, a former First Dog.

Molossia faces water issues from time to time since the Nevada desert is not renowned for the sound of soft and gently falling rain associated with the Scottish Highlands.

The Post Office

Molossia began operation of a small aluminium smelter on 18 January 2016. This smelter is intended for the manufacture of a number of items both ornamental and useful, including coins. Molossia has its own currency and its own system of weights which include the Norton, the Fenwick and the Bascomb. The Norton is named in honour of Emperor Norton I, of whom I’ve written in a previous blog. The national currency is the Valora.

Molossia is in fact just one of approximately 200 micronations throughout the world. These nations are only recognized by each other. Many of them have exchanged official visits and have their own diplomacy networks. Some of these nations only exist in the online world. Others claim physical territory in various corners of the world.

Other micronations, whose leadership, size and reason for existence vary considerably, include Saugeais, Austenasia, Wy, Zaqistan, Seborga, Talossa, Kingdom of North Sudan, Ladonia, Lovely, Global Country of World Peace, Filettino, Conch Republic, Forvik, Vikesland and Westarctica.

The Aerican Empire has 11 provinces which include Chompsville, Parrwater, Retsaot Island (toaster spelt backwards, if you didn’t notice), Northern Plutopia, Yackbard and The Pasture. The flag features a smiley. How more welcoming can you get? Who could resist swearing their allegiance to a little yellow smiling face?

flag of AE
The flag of The Aerican Empire

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