The Peanuts Gang: Who’s on the Spectrum? Part One

(This article is meant to be tongue-in-cheek fun and not to be considered as valid medical opinions!)

Peanuts has always been one of my all time favourite comic strips since I was a pre-teen tenderfoot. I especially liked Snoopy and his team of hiking bird scouts.

In this article we’ll just be looking at three of the popular and endearing Peanuts characters created by the one and only Charles M. Schulz:

When Franklin comes to the neighbourhood he is almost scared away after encountering some of the misfits he meets:




Charlie Brown’s buddy is smart and outspoken.  Despite his precociousness he is dependent on his security blanket and can’t function well without it.  He has a major meltdown every time the blanket is in the wash or goes missing:

desert blanket

His elder sister Lucy is wildly jealous of his superior artistic accomplishments:


Linus has a special interest in theology and can recite long passages from the Bible ad nauseum,; however, he combines this with a fanatical and unshakeable belief in the Great Pumpkin who rises from the “most sincere” pumpkin patch at Halloween and gives gifts to the children of the world: a belief not supported by the writings of any known religion!  Mentioning the Great Pumpkin once killed his attempt to be the class president.

He’s spent many an uncomfortable evening crouched in a pumpkin patch hoping that his particular patch will be chosen from the many thousands of pumpkin patches throughout the world as the most sincere, and may get a glimpse of the legendary outsized airborne squash, and has occasionally convinced others to wait with him:


He got annoyed with the Great Pumpkin after a fruitless wait one night, and ticked him off before deciding that wasn’t a smart idea in case he incurred the vengeful wrath of the orange flying orb.

Despite his idiosyncrasies Linus is a very likeable character: fiercely outspoken, loyal and with the patience of a snail crossing the Alps: as being brother to the crabby and egotistical Lucy would have to be in order to survive!

The breadth of his Aspie-like knowledge is lost on Lucy:

beach fort



Schroeder has one chief special interest and that is music, and more specifically Beethoven, his hero and idol:

He treats Beethoven’s birthday like other kids treat Christmas.  With sixty days to go before the great day of his hero and idol, Schroeder is ready to make sure no-one forgets it.

beethovens birthday

His answer to the meaning of life is simple and sincere:

schroeders answer


Like Linus, Schroeder is outspoken to the point of rudeness, especially when dealing with Lucy’s unwelcome advances:

Schroeder is always honest in his opinion of Lucy and although she always fails to get the hint, no-one else would be in any doubt that he has no time to spare for her and barely tolerates her.  Most of the time he simply acts as if she isn’t there but occasionally when she goes too far his annoyance gets the better of him.  On two occasions she’s destroyed his piano in the misguided hope that with her competition out of the way he’ll take more notice of her.

He’s the catcher for Charlie Brown’s baseball team and gets to wear a wire cage around his head, which symbolizes his tendency to be a bit of a loner…



Woodstock doesn’t know what he is, just like so many of us:

what are we

His motor co-ordination skills are less than stellar and he’s always flying upside down or bumping into Snoopy’s kennel, supper dish or a nearby tree.  He doesn’t fly south for the winter, preferring to keep Snoopy company during snowy days.  Snoopy is also a misfit: a dog who thinks he’s a World War I fighter pilot.  Aspies tend to have unusual friendships and are attracted by different things to most NTs.   Woodstock’s very likely an Aspie of the feathered kind, since birds of a feather usually flock together.


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