The Peanuts Gang: Who’s on the Spectrum? – Part 2


Beautiful and perfect in her own eyes, but crabby, brash and a bully in the eyes of all around her, Lucy is a female Donald Trump.  She can’t understand or empathize with those around her, since she lives in an egotistic bubble.  Here are a few examples of her life philosophy.  Trump probably had a similar childhood:

She even has an advice booth where she makes money despite not knowing anything about anything worth knowing.

fly south
An early strip showing Lucy’s ignorance of the world around her…

She can’t accept that Schroeder barely tolerates her and hopes this will change as he succumbs to her non-existent irresistible charms.

She also has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).  When Snoopy kisses her she runs away, yelling for hot water and iodine.

She has her good moments, but they are so few and far between that they are collector’s items.


He prefers to kick or thump people who annoy him, rather than to bite them:

dog suit joke

He hates the cat next door, like many of his fellow kind.  But he’s just not a typical neighbourhood dog:

It is well known that most dogs are neurotypical and almost all cats have Aspergers.  There’s even a book called All Cats have Asperger Syndrome by Kathy Hoopmann.  But Snoopy is a dog with AS.

Snoopy’s kennel isn’t just a home.  It’s a World War One Sopwith Camel used to track down the Red Baron.  It has even been used as a passenger plane by Ace Air Services when Schroeder was naive enough to use Lucy as his travel agent.  Underneath the plain exterior is an entire complex complete with stairs, a Van Gogh painting and a pool table, among other stuff.  Snoopy prefers to sit on the roof typing non-memorable novels and dictating letters to Woodstock.   He can’t write to save his supper but keeps on trying, like the memorable poet William McGonagall, who was obsessed with rhyme no matter what.

Snoopy lives in his own world like most Aspies, and has a superior imagination, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to help his novel writing much:

secret papers
Running from the Red Baron’s secretary with the secret papers


snoopy jab
Released from the torture camp…

When Snoopy wants to go inside or is impatient for supper, he doesn’t howl: he kicks on the door until Charlie Brown wakes up and opens up.

He likes partying it up.  Although  few and far between, there are numerous  Aspies who do.

He’s the best player on Charlie Brown’s baseball team and tries his paw at many different sports.  Unlike many Aspies his co-ordination is excellent.  However, he has no sense of direction, and usually ends up lost when taking himself or his bird scout group into the wilds.  He has this strange idea, unsupported by any evidence, that the moon always points towards Hollywood.  He often relies on Woodstock or Harriet to get them out of trouble and find their way home.  Harriet is the only Girl Scout in his group and bakes him angel food cakes with seven minute frosting., which no scout leader can resist, nor indeed most folk but the most determinedly Spartan.


Marcie is certainly ion the Asperger spectrum.  She is short sighted like so many of us, and pretty smart.  She usually calls Patty “Sir” which is probably an example of her oddball sense of humour.  She hates sport, which is also fairly common among many Aspies, although certainly not universal.


Marcie may not see much with her eyes, but she is very observant and doesn’t really care what people think of her.  She’s also pretty outspoken; another common Aspie trait.

dead battery

Some Aspies are big on rituals and certain preliminaries.  Here, Marcie doesn’t want to hurt the football’s feelings and wants to wants to ensure it will feel comfortable about the big kick it’s about to experience…

football prelims

She has a way of seeing through all the lies and deception around her and take it in her stride:


Be on the lookout for Part Three, in which the idiosyncrasies of the last set of characters will be discussed…

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