The Peanuts Gang: Who’s on the Spectrum? – Part Three


Charlie Brown is a loser who keeps trying under trying conditions!   His shyness and hesitancy keeps him from ever meeting the Little Red-Haired Girl of his daydreams, who remains unidentified and unmet.

He never manages to win a baseball game and the only time they won was when he was absent.  The other time was when Linus’s toddler brother Rerun took a bet on the game, invalidating their win.

He has poor motor co-ordination and complains that his brain and body hate each other.

body and mind

He always gets entangled in a kite, if it doesn’t land up getting eaten by the Kite-Eating Tree first.  Yet he seems to head for the same tree every time, unless it is some kind of Ent which can relocate at will.

People seem to not notice him.  Even his dog has a more cat-like attitude of entitlement and indifference, often  referring to him as the Round-Headed Kid and not bothering to recall his name.  Instead of running up to lick his face when he returns from school or camp, Snoopy can be found, goggles over his face, riding his kennel in the persona of a World War One pilot.

Despite being a northpaw (right handed) Charlie Brown smudges everything he writes, even letters to his penpal.  Many Aspies have difficulty writing without creating decorative smudges, especially when using a koki pen.  Luckily fountain pens, a fount of many unwanted ink blots, have gone the way of the dinosaur and no longer needed.  I recall how we had to use those pens in school and the potential they had for bluish chaos.


Despite all his setbacks Charlie Brown seldom loses his cool and perseveres against the odds.  His innate trust in the better side of human nature makes him easy prey to Lucy’s mean tricks, especially her favourite one of holding and then suddenly pulling the football away as he comes running up to kick it.

He feels out of place, like many Aspies and other non-neurotypicals:

out of place on earth




Sally is Miss Malapropism.  She refers to a brontosaurus as a Bronchitis, and people who use both hands as handbidextrous.   In an assignment on the continents she mentions Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Aunt Arctica.  (for context we must bear in mind that in the US aunt is pronounced ant).

malaprop three

Once she did a presentation in class referring to Santa Claus and his rain gear.   She also has an oddball sense of humour and drives her teacher crazy.

She is constantly chasing Linus because she plans on being Mrs Van Pelt if she can help it.  However, Linus has no interest in being her Sweet Babboo.

She goes to a sentient school and can talk to it, although no one else seems to.  When she was sick she asked Charlie Brown to give it a message from her and someone saw him, getting the principal to recommend that he see the family doctor.




Patty is decidedly a tomboy and this shows in her choice of clothes and her love of sport.  But she is always concerned about her image.  Since she has only a father and no mother, this helps explain why she’s just not into feminine things.

misfit patty

She prides herself on having the best junior baseball team in the neighbourhood

To offset her perceived  oversized nose she tries a number of things to improve her image such as a cornrow hairstyle.  On one occasion she even abandons her usual tomboyish garb for a frilly dress with ribbons in her hair.

.She once tried to get into the Ace Training school thinking it was an exclusive private school only to discover when she gets her certificate that she has  graduated from an obedience school for dogs.  On another occasion she attempted to enroll in a school for gifted children, thinking she would get gifts there.  She took along a big bag to put them all in.  This tendency to take things pretty literally is quite a common Aspie trait.


She always thought Snoopy was a kid with an unusually big nose: possibly because he’s the only character with a larger one than herself!  Then there was the time she stayed over with Chuck for a few days while her dad was out of town.  She tells Chuck all about this guest room she’s heard so much about, which turns out to be Snoopy’s kennel.  A tthat time the kennel seemed like a normal kennel no larger than average and so her head sticks out of the door.

“You should have got the architects to plan it a little bigger, Chuck,” she remarks.



Spike doesn’t like the idea of being owned so chooses to live outside Needles among the coyotes.  Every now and again he visits Snoopy.  One Thanksgiving he and Snoopy, who’s on the way to Needles, miss each other in the desert and Spike ends up sharing Thanksgiving dinner with Charlie Brown.  Then there’s the time Lucy notices how thin he is and in an uncharacteristic burst of kindheartedness she makes it her mission to fatten him up, even giving him Linus’s bed to rest in and taking the TV from the lounge to the bedroom for him to watch in comfort.

He resembles a drifter who occasionally ventures into civilization to enjoy some creature comforts before returning to his Spartan and hermit-like life among the cacti.

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