Embrace being different

Where does one start anything worth starting?  Like a blog, for instance?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Lao Tzu).

So whatever you’re starting, whether it’s the Comrades Marathon or a book about the wild flowers of the Cape, you have to begin somewhere.



I’m gonna discuss a few issues which are common, but not universal, to many Aspies and others on the autistic spectrum, in a light hearted but respectful manner:


A learning difficulty.  Usually found among otherwise smart high functioning people who are smart who may or may not be on the Asperger or autism spectrum.  Dyslexia can lead to this:

Cool school?  Or “shh…be quiet; there’s a cool school nearby…”

Poor posture

Many of us somewhat more senior  Aspies are suffering the consequences of poor posture, not benefited by excessive time at the computer:

The back just doesn’t like this much.  I wish I could do this from a satellite, but weightlessness brings challenges of its own.

kip on computer
Evolved this way from too much sitting…


This has been one of the banes of my life.  Sometimes I’ve messed uo important financial or other decisions, due to a tendency to be too impulsive.

I’ve learned to live with that and hopefully improve my decision making processes before I book my place with the grannies with purple rinse and podgy poodles.

Usually, indecision involves a choice between a number of options, from what to cook for dinner to who to ask out on a date.

Sometimes you’re actually getting Hobson’s choice despite what appears to be an actual choice, much like with the US presidential election:



Superior functionality and thinking patterns:

Many of us have our lightbulb moments despite feeling like a depleted Eskom power station at times.  For illustration, this brilliant explanation from Linus is worthy of a top engineer:


Being different from the crowd 



Cats have been described by Kathy Hoopmann as all having Aspergers.  In similar fashion we like to do our own thing.  We want a place where we can stim to our heart’s content or just find something to do which makes us happy.

Don’t you find many things in daily life to be a little confusing?


Getting annoyed at trivial things is a fault some of us have to overcome.  Many have been the times I’ve overreacted and made a situation into a SITUATION.  An over-zealous remedy can be worse than the original illness!


Unusual friendships

We usually have a strongly developed sense of justice and make unusual friendships, not related to age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion or any other factor.  I got in trouble at a boarding house once, many years ago, for inviting a smartly dressed gentleman of a different hue to my birthday party…


Short-sightedness (aka Myopia)

Having less than stellar vision is common among those of us on the spectrum.  When I started writing all sorts of nonsense from the blackboard because I couldn’t make the words out was the signal to see an eye specialist.  Years later the smashing of my glasses on the Magaliesberg rocks was a sign I needed contact lenses when I did my favourite activities of running and hiking, or run the risk of going the short and quick way down the steep slopes.

lotro black gate too mainstream
At least they can see the gate is black…but can’t see the orcs from this distance

Deep interest in our Special Interests

We don’t like to be diverted from our Special Interests, whatever form these may take.  It can be anything from gaming to Scrabble, crime history to politics, cookery to Chinese pottery… the possibilities are endless.  Aspies are usually so involved in their Special Interest that the voice other people is like a dentist’s drill incising into our mind:


Just knowing you’re different, and always have been

Not just a cat but a non-furry one at that, and aware that you’re just as unique as all those who make peace with themselves and embrace those differences:

I may not have fur but I can be cuddly too, can’t I?


Published by: envirozentinel63

Diagnosed with asperger syndrome. Keen runner and writer who wants to share the ups and downs of all my many experiences and maybe reach out to someone who needs encouragement.


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